The Appraisers

Jay J. Loson Click for more information Jay J. Loson, MAI joined the firm in 1987 as an associate appraiser and became a partner in 1998.  He was named managing partner in 2002 . . . more
David H. Rogachefsky Click for more information David H. Rogachefsky, MAI, SRA was employed by the firm as an associate appraiser from 1987 through 1991 and returned in 2002 as a partner. He has over 35 . . . more
James A. LeGrett joined the firm as a partner in 2004 and is the managing partner of the residential division.  He has twenty years of real estate . . . more
Stephen Ferrara Click for more information Stephen Ferrara, SRA joined Midland Appraisal Associates, Inc. as a partner on July 1, 2017 following the firm’s merger with Pogel, Schubmehl and Ferrara LLC . . . . more
David Ciroula Click for more information David R. Ciroula is a New York State Certified General Appraiser. He has worked in the commercial real estate industry since 1987, having appraised, financed . . . . more
Jeffrey James Click for more information Jeffrey S. James, MAI has been in the appraisal industry for over 15 years gaining extensive experience related to transportation and utility right-of-way . . . . more
Nathan Gabbert Click for more information Nathan Gabbert, SRA, IAO joined Midland Appraisal in 2018. He is a NYS Certified General Appraiser, and holds both the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute . . . . . more