The Appraisers

Jay J. Loson Click for more information Jay J. Loson, MAI joined the firm in 1987 as an associate appraiser and became a partner in 1998.  He was named managing partner in 2002 . . . more
James A. LeGrett joined the firm as a partner in 2004 and is the managing partner of the residential division.  He has twenty years of real estate . . . more
Stephen Ferrara Click for more information Stephen Ferrara, SRA joined Midland Appraisal Associates, Inc. as a partner on July 1, 2017 following the firm’s merger with Pogel, Schubmehl and Ferrara LLC . . . . more
David Ciroula Click for more information David R. Ciroula is a New York State Certified General Appraiser. He has worked in the commercial real estate industry since 1987, having appraised, financed . . . . more
Jeffrey James Click for more information Jeffrey S. James, MAI has been in the appraisal industry for over 15 years gaining extensive experience related to transportation and utility right-of-way . . . . more
Nathan Gabbert Click for more information Nathan Gabbert, SRA, IAO joined Midland Appraisal in 2018. He is a NYS Certified General Appraiser, and holds both the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute . . . . . more