Appraisal Services

Real Estate Valuation

Real estate valuation is the process of estimating the market value, investment value, insurable value, or other properly defined value of an identified interest in a specific parcel of real estate as of a given date. The valuation process is a systematic procedure utilized to provide the answer to a client’s questions regarding real property value.

Midland Appraisal adheres to strict professional standards and ethics as prescribed by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) of the Appraisal Foundation, the Code of Professional Ethics, and Supplemental Standards of the Appraisal Institute and the certification requirements of New York State. All reports reflect the knowledge, skill and expertise of professional appraisers while providing an objective and informed conclusion of the defined value of a specific parcel of real estate under stipulated market conditions as of a specific date.

Real Estate Counseling

Midland Appraisal provides counseling services including advice and guidance in real estate matters such as site selection, planning for acquisition, development and disposition, cost-benefit studies, feasibility and marketability analyses, refinancing strategies, partnership disputes, assessment and corporate allocations.

Real Estate Litigation

A significant portion of the company’s appraisal activities is related to real estate litigation. David C. Schwaner, MAI, Jay J. Loson, MAI, and Jeffrey S. James, MAI have been involved in a broad array of valuation and counseling assignments for real estate litigation including condemnation, tax certiorari, bankruptcy/foreclosure, valuation of marital property for matrimonial purposes, partnership disputes, casualty losses (fire, flood, etc.), and unusual circumstances including building damage due to subsurface subsidence (voids in bedrock) and slope failure of a commercial development site. James A. Legrett and Stephen V. Ferrara, SRA serve the needs of our clients with issues relating to residential property litigation.

Computer Analysis

Midland Appraisal actively utilizes computer technology for lease-by-lease analysis, spreadsheet applications, cash flow projections, forecasting, sensitivity testing and preparation of appraisal reports. Market sale databases are routinely updated.

Computer applications are constantly being revised to meet the changes and ever-increasing demands and sophistication of modern real estate analysis.

Scope of Services

Midland Appraisal offers a variety of services, which include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Property Appraisals
  • Court Testimony
  • Feasibility, Rental and Absorption Studies
  • Land Use Studies
  • Lease Interest Analyses
  • Marketability Studies
  • Real Estate Consulting and Evaluations
  • Real Estate Investment Analyses
  • Review Appraisals
  • Zoning/Planning Counseling
  • Valuations for:
  • Arbitration Hearings
  • Assessment/Certiorari Proceedings
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Condemnation/Eminent Domain Proceedings
  • Condominium/Townhome Common Areas
  • Distressed Real Estate
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Estate Planning and Gift Taxes
  • Estate Tax Matters
  • Insurance Matters
  • Land Acquisition/Assemblage and Sales
  • Leveraged Buy-Outs
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Mortgage Financing/Refinancing
  • Partnership Disputes and Dissolutions
  • Real Estate Acquisition/Sales
  • Real Estate Conversions