History Of The Firm

40 Years Ago . . .

Midland Appraisal Associates, Inc. was incorporated in May 1975 and is the successor to three previous corporations, with real estate appraisal activities commencing in Rochester in 1962. Today, the company employs seven appraisers with three appraisers who hold the MAI designation of the Appraisal Institute and four who are qualified as New York State General Certified Appraisers.

Founding Partners

The founding partners for Midland Appraisal Associates, Inc. include Harvey P. Jeffers, MAI; John M. Travis, MAI; and David C. Schwaner, MAI. Harvey Jeffers withdrew from the corporation in late 1981 to pursue a career opportunity with Landauer Associates in New York City. John Travis retired from the corporation during 2004, and continued to serve selected clients located throughout the Rochester MSA until August 2011. John is now fully retired. David Schwaner also retired from the corporation in 2007 but continues full time at Midland Appraisal Associates, Inc. serving a broad array of clients throughout Upstate New York.

Offices & Partners

The company occupied offices at 673 Panorama Trail West in the town of Penfield, Monroe County, from May 1977 through June 2011 and offices in Canandaigua New York since 2007. The main office location has relocated to East Rochester since the sale of the original office location. Similar to other service businesses, Midland Appraisal Associates has expanded and contracted based on the fluctuating demand for appraisal and counseling services during the past 40 years. Following the federal FIRREA legislation providing significant banking reforms, Midland Appraisal Associates expanded to 12 appraisers (including 7 MAI’s) plus 4 full time support staff in the 1990’s.

Today the company has transitioned from the era of the founding partners to the dedicated and well trained professionals who are leading the company through the 21st Century. Jay J. Loson, MAI served as managing partner from 2002 through 2014 with David Rogachefsky, MAI who rejoined the firm in 2002 serving as managing partner beginning in January 2015. Midland Appraisal Associates reestablished a strong residential appraisal department when James LeGrett became Managing Partner, Residential Division in 2004. For individual biographies and qualifications, go to the “Appraisers” page.

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